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Market Approach

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Selling your company

We approach your pre-approved potential acquirers, managing confidentiality throughout.

Once the target acquirer list has received your approval, our advisors will contact each decision maker by phone and with a teaser letter which, is designed to entice acquirers to sign a None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) without revealing the identity of your company.

At this stage, on average we expect between 15 and 30 potential acquirers to sign the NDA with confidentiality maintained throughout.

When an NDA is signed we will consult with you before sending out your Information Memorandum (IM).

The IM is typically no more than 10 to 15 pages, showcasing what's best about your business with a call to action. The IM is designed to generate enough interest in the opportunity to secure a meeting.

We maintain discussions with acquirers receiving the IM, inviting interested party's to attend initial exploratory meetings.

Call us on 01384 274 778 / 075 888 925 88 to discuss or go ahead and book a free consultation to discuss your options.


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