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Financial Review

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Preparation is crucial when selling a business

Financial due diligence requires a high degree of financial reporting and transparency. A financial review is a good starting point highlighting information required for financial due diligence and flagging issues that could delay a transaction. A financial review can help identify potential obstacles and issues eroding value before you commit to expensive advisor fees, allowing time to prepare your business for a successful transaction.

Delivered by experienced corporate finance accountants, the financial review highlights the necessary historical and forecasted financial information required for your Information Memorandum, prospect meetings, financial due diligence and adjustments at completion.


  • Assess the Company's ability to provide the financial information likely to be required

  • Gain an understanding of historical financial reporting processes

  • Formulate a financial forecast in preparation for a transaction

When you mandate exitbydesign to sell your business we work with you to improve financial reporting, positioning your business for a smooth transition to new ownership. If financial performance and operating structure is unable to support a transaction, our services can be paused until the financial position is improved.

Call us on 01384 274 778 / 075 888 925 88 to discuss or go ahead and book a free consultation to explore your options.


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