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Combined Service

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Keep your options open...

Our combined service allows vendors to explore a trade sale first, with the option of switching to employee ownership later should a trade sale fail to meet expectations.

Some owners try selling on the open market first and if deal structures, and tax implications prove unattractive decide to sell to their employees instead.

Recent offers from outside acquirers can even be used to reinforce valuation with HMRC.

Why We're Different...

Unique to exitbydesign, the Combined Service is fast and efficient, delivering a 98% rate of success.

When selling a significant asset like your business, a choice of options will ultimately give you peace of mind.

Our Combined Service allows you to switch to employee ownership seamlessly, without incurring additional fees.

A sale on the open market has benefits:

However, benefits should be weighed against:

Leverage economies of scale

Capital gains tax liability

Cross-selling benefits of combined sales networks

Unattractive deal structures and earn-out scenarios

In some cases offers may exceed fair market value

Adversarial process

Call us on 01384 274 778 / 075 888 925 88 to discuss or go ahead and book a free consultation to discuss your options.


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